søndag 30. desember 2012

My Top IT trends of 2013

The web is full of sites predicting 2013 techs and trends. Some seems very far off and some seems very obvious. I thought I made my own list of favorites and see how it turns out in the end of 2013.

1. Change of TV trends:

This is maybe a very obvious one. 2013 will be the big year that we change our TV watching trends. With Netflix, Apple TV, HBO moving into our living room. We will probably see more apps integrated with our TV.  The competition will be hard and I don’t think we will see everybody survive 2014. The consumers will spend their money on the one with the best content. 
The more surprise is that I think we will see a Apple TV set and a new Xbox. These will be most important for Apple and Microsoft to meet the competition. Are we also hoping for something from Google and Steam ?

2. Plastic Fantastic:

 I am not sure how 3D printing will affect IT. It will sure be bigger in 2013 as it will be cheaper and the home market is able to buy it. Being able to produce your own little toy soldier or phone cover is cool. I can see also how this can work in different businesses. Still I think companies being able to make bendable and flexible screens will be bigger in 2013. It’s a big chance that we will see a flexible phone in 2013. That would be fantastic.

3. Hybrids and device integration:

 Windows 8 have already started this trend with hybrid laptops and integrated devices with Computer, Tablet, Phone and Gaming console. I think we will see a landslide of new hardware products supporting Windows 8 in 2013. Nokia tablet is one example. And I think Microsoft will compete with Android and IOS at the end of the year. Of course Android and IOS will still be the biggest one. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will also be more and more attractive in 2013, but I think IT Managers will see hybrid solutions as more exciting. They will see them as useful and flexible solutions that will match more their flexible working life. You have the same device but it works with different solutions.
Apple will have to somehow match this trend.MS Office will be available in IOS. Will we see a change in IOS and a Hybrid Apple device ?

4. Security Security Security:

As we have more and more web based services we use every day. We need more and more passwords. Changing them more and more. We have more sensitive information in the web and the cloud and we don’t want others to get access to it. Hacking and Cracking is so easy that ordinary users can just download a guide on how to get all your information from your neighbor.
Biometric solutions using your eye or fingers have been around for some time now, but I think we will se a recap of this technology in 2013. If the solutions are easier we will use it.

5. Internet everywhere:

4G is here! Not exactly as we want it yet, but it’s here. For 40 Euro a month you can get 40Mbit speed. That is pretty good. Still you have limited GB you can download and you can only use it in some few places. I think we will se more and more competition on 4G in 2013. We will get better access and more devices will use Wifi/4G.  This will be the beginning of a Internet revolution where you are constantly online. Not only connected but you will be able to stream a movie in your car.

Please comment or make a your own list.